I am so glad that I married a man who encourages and cultivates creativity in my life. Kha bought me my first teeny easel yesterday, and it was the sweetest encouragement to create I have ever received.


So far all of my paintings have something to do with stop that we made along our PCH adventure. Today was Yosemite πŸ’›


I have always loved creating-but felt nervous of not measuring up or hating what I create. I think creativity is naturally built into each of us since we are modeled in the image of God himself and he was the first Creator.

Painting is interesting to me. Something so splotchy can look so beautiful and carry memories, emotions, smells, and that generally good feeling.

Life has been so hectic and fast lately that painting has been my opportunity to slow down, enjoy, and watch all of the pieces slowly come together. When I paint it sometimes feels like my life where I start by saying, “Well, here we go.” In the middle I always have that feeling of, “How the eff is this going to look good..?” And then towards the end when I’m touching it up and adding those little layers I am so shocked that it pulled together. Every single time I go through that process. And I’m always surprised that I still go through it. That’s life, I guess. Going through the process, still surprised that we are going through a process that is confusing, difficult, exciting, and hard.

25 years old. This is the biggest birthday that I have had since 21. This is my 3rd birthday as Melanie Arie Do. 3rd birthday in Louisville. 1st birthday of my adult life that I feel ready, strong, and excited for this next year of life. I know that Kha and I will accomplish much this year with the Lord as our guide and support and everything.

This birthday has been my favorite since being married. My work brought donuts from my fave donut place. Abby and I went to the park and ran around for an hour. My mom took me to lunch and we got to hang out. I got into organization mode and organized my jewelry on my new jewelry rack.


Kha took me to dinner with our community group, we ate MORE donuts, and he surprised me with a piΓ±ata! Such a fun birthday. Definitely reminiscent of growing up in Arizona. 2016-10-19-14-53-06-2

We love Cherokee park in the Fall. We are going to have to head out there again for some fresh air and a break from the city life before the trees are bare. I am thankful for this city and the life that Kha and I are able to live in. Thankful that I am blessed with another year to live and enjoy and praise the Lord for the creation he has blessed us with.


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