kdo-9668-P400-11.jpgOver a year ago I started my journey with Young Living Essential Oils. It was all part of the larger journey Kha and I were on towards a healthier lifestyle. A lot of this transition included our eating habits, exercise routines, and the supplements/medicines we put in our bodies. Outside of our bodies we have been focusing on detoxifying our home by eliminating some cleaning products, finding easy and healthy cleaning solutions, and non-toxic ways to refresh the air.

When Kha and I started dating, Kha was introduced to the power of essential oils through his sister and a friend. When I would complain about an ailment he would rub peppermint oil or lavender oil on me and I would notice a difference in the way I felt every time. We bought oils through his sister for our first year of marriage, and even though peppermint, lavender, thieves, and lemon were super helpful for our lives, I knew that Young Living offered so much more. 

Louisville-26To be completely honest, a lot went down in our first year of marriage. Kha and I both started grad school in Louisville, I was teaching in preschool (#germs), Kha had like 6 jobs all over the city, and we were downright exhausted. My emotional health was at an all-time low, our spiritual health was waning, and our poor puppy was constantly stressed. Our immune systems took the biggest hit that year and after I visited Urgent Care three times in one year I knew that it was time to get my life together and order my kit.

So I contacted Kha’s sister and told her that it is time. I am ready. And so I went for it; I snagged a starter kit from Young Living. This kit came with the Home Diffuser, 11 of the most popular essential oils, and an oily family to learn and grow with.

My life has drastically changed since using these oils. My husband and I rarely take any medications (because our bodies don’t need it). When I feel overwhelmed or need assistance falling asleep, the oils come to the rescue.
My Everyday Oil Must Haves:
Home Diffuser
glass spray bottles
A few of my Everyday Favorites: 
Valor II
Stress Away
 Deep Relief Rollon
Breathe Again Rollon