My sister recently moved to Colorado. When I consider about timelines of this past year, I realize it will be her one-year Colorado-versary in just a couple months! Right now she lives in Aspen, which is an absolutely gorgeous little town. So many young people move to Aspen so they can work in the service industry and snowboard/ski on their days off, and that is exactly what Camille is doing. It is so different than what I imagined our lives would look like and what she would be doing with her life, but it is so suiting for the person that she is today. Adventurous, curious, wild, and free.


Kha and I had the opportunity to visit her turf this past December, and we spent three days exploring the town, eating amazing food, and playing in the snow. Camille introduced us to her fun group of friends, all of them seem to adore her completely. Each restaurant we visited had at least one or two friends working there. This trip was full of community, laughter, full bellies, and cold toes. We used Eater to do a little research before we went so that we would have a food plan, and we are so glad we did. All of the food lived up to expectation.


We spent one day on top of the mountains. We took the Gondola up and froze our tooshies walking around. It was so refreshing up there in the crisp air with the snow falling!


Camille convinced me to ride down this hill on my shoes. I was absolutely terrified, but her adventurous heart and convincing charm got me to go down. I am so glad that I did because it was so fun! We rode down like 5 more times and it was really refreshing to be playful and free.


I also learned that I will suffer and freeze for a little while longer if you offer me hot chocolate. The hot chocolate tasted so delicious after freezing my booty off. We ate lunch at the top of Aspen Mountain, and even though the meal was chili and pizza, I have not tasted a more delightful post-snow meal in my life.

After a day of playing the in the snow we went back to Camille’s house to get ready for dinner. We ate at Meat and Cheese and was so delicious. Cheese and meats with crackers and jams. Just delightful. Afterwards we made the necessary stop to get a couple corn dogs and mini donuts at Ajax Donuts at The Popcorn Wagon. VERY NECESSARY. I looked forward to those the entire day. The donuts are so cute and drizzled with whatever you want. We chose Nutella and Maple/Bacon. OMG. Mouth watering right now just thinking about them.


The house Camille lives in is super adorable. This is her neighborhood. All of the houses look like little dream cottages from the outside. Every morning Kha went out exploring to take in all of the winter scenery.


Camille works in the nicest hotel in all of Aspen: The Little Nell. The accommodations, location, and sheer size of the rooms outweighed any hotel I have ever stayed in. We were able to spend one night in the hotel and took full advantage. Hot tub. Breakfast buffet. Fireplace. Snacks. Everything was perfect and it was so fun to be able to spend that time with Camille. We got the full tour of the hotel and even got to see Camille working the next day! So cute in her little jacket.

After our hotel experience we had to travel back to Denver since we were flying out the next morning. In Denver we stayed at the cutest tiny house with Airbnb. We ate amazing tacos, nachos, and donuts, and got dessert at this amazing Ice Cream shop called High Point Creamery. Before we left Denver we decided to go on a little walk and do a photo-shoot. Kha had been thinking about cutting his hair, so I wanted a couple pictures to remember the long hair in all of it’s glory.



Overall, this trip reestablished my desire for adventure and exploring. It was the next necessary step in opening me back up to trusting and enjoying journey with full curiosity. I am entirely thankful for this life-giving trip to Colorado. For all of the coffee, food, laughter, and freedom. This trip showed me that there is no embarrassment in being playful and vulnerable. We cannot wait to go back to Aspen to visit Camille again, or wherever her next destination is! We are definitely coming for a visit.



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