Essential Oils, Emotions, and Minds.

Emotions. Mood. Passions. Disposition. Feelings. Character.

Mind. Brain. Concentration. Thoughts. Judgment. Mental Faculties.

How do essential oils affect our mind and our emotions? How can we use them to support our bodies during times of struggle, daily life, and those natural dips?

Let me preface this discussion by stating that mental wellness encompasses emotional wellness and is not the absence of all sadness, frustration and anger. It is also not simply the lack of a mental health disorder. It is multi-faceted and complex, where you are able to use your cognitive and emotional capabilities to function in society and meet the demands of daily life.

I am not diagnosing, treating or curing anything in this post. I am merely presenting strategies of essential oils, nutritional support, and how to naturally address mental wellness.

Stress, worry, sadness, grief, and hormonal imbalances cause us to struggle functioning and thriving in society today and cause us to question our abilities and struggle through life. Essential oils provide a solution to the confusing problems that we all face.

Of course we are talking about Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living does business based on the belief that God has provided natural, powerful substances that can meet the needs of families and individuals today. Young Living has one of the highest client loyalty ratings in the entire industry and has been around for 20 years. They own 9 of their own farms and partner with local farms to bring the most pure substance on the planet.


What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are the volatile liquid that is distilled from plants. They are carrier molecules in the plant that keeps the plant safe from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. There are three ways that you can utilize the power in essential oils, internally, topically, and aromatically.

The most powerful way to benefit from essential oils is to inhale them through the diffuser because then the oil doesn’t need to pass through the digestive system. When you smell an oil, there are receptors that respond and send signals to your brain, which promotes physiological changes. The part of the brain that is involved in emotions and memories is called the limbic system, and this is where the receptors send the signals. There is a domino affect and your mood is positively impacted.


Stress is often said to cause 99% of all illnesses. We all know how we are impacted by stress, each of us are impacted slightly different. Personally I respond with headaches, stomach upset, nervousness, and I break out.. In order to calm my body I diffuse essential oils, put them on my wrists, and even put them in my bath when I am real stressed.

One of my favorite oils for this is Stress Away. Stress Away contains Cedarwood and Lavender, both of which are known to relax the nervous system and produce an atmosphere of calm. Peace & Calming is another favorite for unwinding at the end of the day or to promote peace mid-day.

Managing stress levels begins with proper nutrients. Taking supplements. Drinking NingXia Red. And eating a balanced diet. Lemon Vitality can be taken internally, and may be helpful to break down the petrochemicals that have been building up over the years of being exposed to certain chemicals in your life.


Fear has many sources. Insecurity, hopelessness, past loss, or present stress. Valor and Valor II are two of my favorite essential oils to promote feelings of strength, courage, and protection. I apply one drop to the palm of my hand, rub them together, and inhale. I set my intention and declare truth over my day. I then rub the Valor on the back of my neck and apply to my wrists. There is often some left over that I rub through my hair to use as a perfume.


Blues is something that I am inclined towards. My family has a history of the blues and overall sadness. I have struggled with despair in the past and hopelessness is often my default emotion. Joy is a blend that has created a warm and comforting environment. Joy contains Bergamot oil, which is often known as the “happiness oil”. For this oil, I place a drop of Joy in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, and inhale the scent. I then, rub the oil over my heart and remind myself that I am loved, I am full, and I have joy because of this.


Last year I wrote a post about how crazy my life can be, and you can find that here. The main oils that promote balance are Frankincense, Vetifer, OolaBalance, Valor, Awaken, Ylang Ylang, Palo Santo, and Mister. Valor and Frankincense help to balance the electrical field and Vetifer has a balance effect on the systems when applied to the brain stem on the back of your neck. My advice is to smell all of these oils and see which one your body wants. That is the oil you should start with!

Mental Alertness

Since I am in graduate school, mental fatigue is always around the corner. The Clarity blend promotes a clear mind and alertness. Peppermint and rosemary are in this blend and are known to promote alertness and sharpness. I like to use this oil when I am studying or when I can’t make clear decisions about a problem or issue.

Another favorite blend for alertness is En-R-Gee. This blend is uplifting, strengthening, and can boost energy. I use this blend before I work out or when I am not at my best mentally.


Young Living also created multiple supplements to provide a foundation of nutrition. It is clear that these supplements are connected to mental and emotional health. Omegagize3, Super B, and NingXia Red are all brain supporting supplements.

Hormonal support is also very important. Progessence Plus Serum, Dragon Time, and EndoFlex are my three favorite products that support hormone production and help us clearly process the world around us. Two weeks ago I was struggling with despair and could not come out of it. I was so frustrated and could not think outside of the current situation. My husband put Dragon Time on me and I started crying. I was so tense and emotionally scattered that Dragon Time supported emotional clarity and calmed me down so I could move forward with my day.

Ningxia Red Smoothie-3.JPGLifestyle

There are many other oil blends that Young Living has graciously created for the world. In this blog I only mentioned a small fraction of the blends that Young Living has made. A couple others are Abundance, Grounding, Envision, and Awaken.

Young Living Essential Oils, when incorporated into a full lifestyle of eating healthy and exercise. Our emotions are connected to our mental health and our mental health is connected to our physical health. Essential Oils are meant to come alongside a healthy lifestyle to promote overall wellness and promote overall health.

Oftentimes we must decide to create positivity. Pairing an oil with an intention supports this positivity because our memories are often connected to smells. Every time I smell Valor I am catapulted into courage. I declare that I am courageous and that I can do hard things.

If you have no idea what Essential Oils are or why I would choose to use them daily, read this post here. Essential Oils have positively impacted my mind and my emotions, and I am thankful to have such wonderful tools to support my daily life.

Cheers to greater mental and emotional health with the purest substance on the earth.



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