Essential Oils, Emotions, and Minds.

Emotions. Mood. Passions. Disposition. Feelings. Character. Mind. Brain. Concentration. Thoughts. Judgment. Mental Faculties. How do essential oils affect our mind and our emotions? How can we use them to support our bodies during times of struggle, daily life, and those natural dips? Let me preface this discussion by stating that mental wellness encompasses emotional wellness … Continue reading Essential Oils, Emotions, and Minds.



My sister recently moved to Colorado. When I consider about timelines of this past year, I realize it will be her one-year Colorado-versary in just a couple months! Right now she lives in Aspen, which is an absolutely gorgeous little town. So many young people move to Aspen so they can work in the service … Continue reading Colorado


I am so glad that I married a man who encourages and cultivates creativity in my life. Kha bought me my first teeny easel yesterday, and it was the sweetest encouragement to create I have ever received. So far all of my paintings have something to do with stop that we made along our PCH … Continue reading 25

In the Middle of What Feels Like SO MUCH.

Let's list out the things that I am trying my hand at this semester (and yes, we still go by semesters #gradschoollife). Grad school Working full time at lululemon athletica Community group Young Living Evangelism and building relationships Family visiting Maintaining old friendships Church community Meal planning and shopping Preparing meals ahead of time (#healthylifestyle) … Continue reading In the Middle of What Feels Like SO MUCH.