Moving Limbo

Life right now is more different than it has ever been in the entire time that I have been on this earth. Graduating from university, getting married, and now moving to Louisville, KY. All three of these events are mind boggling huge and play a huge role in my life before these moments happened and what will come after. I mean, I have a college diploma that says I graduated with honors-I really do-I have a wedding band on my finger, and I have a dog sleeping at the foot of my bed who is moving to Kentucky with us.

Currently we are in Oklahoma. I had never been to Oklahoma before today, and from what I can tell the weather is always crazy and it is always green. Also, they have a lot of agriculture. If I were to put a label or location name on instagram for where we are right now I would call it “moving limbo”. The explanation for the name comes in two parts. #1. If this were a game of limbo we would still be stuck leaning back halfway under the limbo pole while everyone around us is cheering and watching to see if we will make it or not. Of course we will make it, but it is very nerve racking. #2. Limbo is often described in Catholic theology as a temporary state people live in before the decision is made for them to enter heaven or hell. You could say that Phoenix is the “hell” in this scenario because it is definitely as hot as it, but the heaven/hell specifications don’t necessarily apply. More like we are in the transition between Phoenix and Louisville. Like, we are right in between them-halfway there.

The dog that we chose to accompany us in our life of adventure is named Abby. She is a very large, black lab/newfoundland mix, who is currently suffering from separation anxiety. This is a picture of Kha holding Abby and her sisters. She is the biggest one, right there in the middle.


All in all, life is pretty much insane right now and has been for the past three months. I don’t exactly expect life to get that much easier in the near future, so all I can hope for is a life that is wonderfully exciting and full of love. I am thankful for all of the people cheering and singing as Kha, Abby and I try to make it under this limbo stick without falling on our back. We know that even if we do fall those same people who have been cheering for our success will pick us up and make us get in line to try it all over again. Please pray for us as we drive tomorrow to St. Lois and the next day when we finally land in Louisville, Kentucky.

With Gratitude,



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