Life: Married Edition

Mr. Do and I are officially married. We will celebrate our three week anniversary tomorrow. Having a wedding was absolutely amazing and I would suggest it anyone who has wonderful family and friends that will overwhelm them with the most beautiful love.

These are some photos from the honeymoon. Photos are limited right now from the wedding, but we are very excited for all that has happened so far in our marriage.

20140712-154738-56858053.jpgOn the pier in Monterey ย 20140712-154738-56858905.jpgWine and Cheese in San Francisco

20140712-154737-56857170.jpgHiking to an old ship wreck

20140712-154734-56854377.jpgHiking to Upper Yosemite Falls

20140712-154733-56853306.jpgExploringย in San Francisco


20140712-154733-56853689.jpgWine tour in Napa

20140712-154736-56856322.jpgThe view from our hotel in Dana Point

20140712-154735-56855436.jpgDriving through Joshua Tree


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