Camp: Kutna Hora Edition

Camp with Kutna Hora was so much fun. Everything about it was fun but my favorite thing about camp was the students. I loved the students from Kutna Hora. I was so blessed by their love, personalities, laughs, and enjoyment for life. This camp had many believers and I found most of my time was spent encouraging and loving them. I am thankful for the life that God has given me because I was able to speak into the lives of the young girls within this church. Please pray for the young girls dedicated to the church in Czech. It isn’t easy for them because this is such a spiritually dark part of the world. I did not know what that meant until this camp. There was a lot of spiritual oppression experienced during this camp and my team, the Czech team, and the American team found ourselves fighting harder than before. I know that I have never experienced spiritual warfare like that in my life! My heart goes out to the girls that I was able to love and be loved by during this camp.

This was the last camp that my team was able to do this summer. We all loved so freely through it and are so thankful that we were the team who was blessed with Kutna Hora.





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