Third and Final Camp

Yesterday we started our final camp with Kutna Hora!!


I did camp with this city last year and it was so amazing, but I think I am more excited for what this year will look like. So far camp is going really great. Our Americans are amazing, the Czech team has the right heart and vision, and my intern team is enjoying being here. The facility is beautiful, we even have sheep, and everything is running very smoothly! English class this morning was hilarious-we were going through the /th/ sound, Czech language does not have this sound, and the students were intrigued to learn that there is a difference between a “voiced” /th/ and voiceless one. Their enthusiasm for English is making my job of teaching them very exciting! I am thankful to be here and to teach them useful things that they desire to learn! Also, the discussion group tonight went well! Many of the students are searching and eager to hear what Jeremy and Miriam share during the evening talk. Tonight they shared the story of Jesus healing the leper, the widow who gave all she had even though it wasn’t much, and how Jesus called Matthew and his transformation. Please pray that the students would have open hearts and minds as the week goes on-that English classes would run smoothly-for our energy levels!!-that our hearts would be completely in this week-and that God would impact this camp. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Please continue to pray for the work that God is doing in the Czech Republic!




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