Camp has been absolutely amazing. God is at work in the hearts and minds of the students, miracles are occurring, lives are changing, and we get to be a part of that. I am so thankful that I am able to be here. To talk, share, encourage, challenge, be challenged, and love these students. They are passionate, loving, fun, and so silly.
My English class is really great. I have been blessed with the students in my class. Each student is a gift and I feel blessed to be able to spend the week with them. They are so fun-teaching me Czech tongue twisters (they really twist your tongue, not kidding), and they have such a willingness to learn English during our lessons. Our English lessons for the week are about the United States. We go through a different city and the different aspects that are special to that city. So far we went through New York and New Orleans, and we will go through Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC. But each day we go somewhere else and discuss aspects of that city. New York was shopping and New Orleans was food and Jazz/Blues. Tomorrow is movies, and I am so excited about that. They are learning so much about America! I really like the lessons that Josiah Venture provided because they teach the students useful vocabulary and they teach the vocabulary affectively. It’s really great. Today in class we talked a lot about food and music. We actually watched a video from one of B. B. King’s concerts and a video about what the food is like in New Orleans. They thought it was very interesting and different. They are learning that Americans don’t only eat hamburgers and fast food. One of the students today said that the hamburger is a secret weapon from the CIA to make everyone fat! It’s interesting to see Americans through the eyes of someone else because it looks so different from their perspective.
Something amazing that happened during sports this week! We were playing a game called “Hutu Tutu”, which is a very hands on game, and one of the Czech team members, Vlasta, got seriously hurt. One of his shoulders popped out of it’s socket (because of a previous injury) and he could not get up off the ground. His shoulder was deformed and it seemed like the shoulder wouldn’t budge or be placed back into the socket. Everyone was panicking but then Ann and Petra come over to me and say “Hey, let’s pray that God would have his hand in this and reveal his glory.” As we three were praying, Martin, one of the men helping this week, gently pushes his shoulder back into the socket with no trouble at all. After his shoulder was replaced he gets up off the ground and isn’t in pain anymore! So amazing! He went to the doctor and the doctor said that Martin should not have been able to push the joint into the socket because it was so badly injured, but by the grace of God he did. Somehow. It is amazing to see God work in such amazing ways. Ways that we don’t get to see everyday, but I don’t see any other explanation than God’s power.
Prayer requests: Pray that camp continues to go well and that we constantly look to him for our supplication and provision. He provides such amazing opportunities to love these students. Please pray for our discussion groups and the time that we spend with the students! That we would be open and honest with them and that they would be open and honest with us. Pray against the enemy and powers working against the students and the team. God is sovereign and I thank him for providing strength, desire, opportunity, and joy. Such joy. The students are so lively that they bring smiles to my face instantly. One thing that I love it that LAUGHTER and SMILING is the same in every language. Also, dancing is the same. Dancing has been so great for me in expressing joy with these students. I do not speak the language and am not leading the discussion groups, so I have been learning to trust and to have faith that the Holy Spirit is working in the leaders as much, if not more, than me. A ton is happening and even though there have been hard times, God is working in great ways and my heart and life is changing. I welcome the change and am thankful to become more like Christ.
We are almost done with camp and we have been having the greatest time. Thank you for your constant prayers and support. Prayer is huge and I greatly appreciate it.
S Láskou (with love),


Nové Město

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