This is the Start of Something New.

Phase two is in full swing!! We arrived at our camp building this afternoon and have been preparing the grounds for students to arrive. Training was fun and very informational. Spending time with the other inters was refreshing and we were sad to go, but all very excited for camp. We are doing camp with Nové Město pod Smrkem and Hejnice. The hotel we are doing camp at is right next to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic! The mountain is called Sněžka and it is half in Poland and half in Czech! The border between the two countries is at the highest peak of the mountain. Pretty neat! We have plans to hike this mountain for our camp hike day, which would be so beautiful! The nature here is so amazing.
Please pray for our camp as the students start to arrive tomorrow! This is so exciting! God is going to work in really great ways. Pray for our team as we teach English, build relationships, and show love to the students! This is such an amazing opportunity and we are so humbled and honored that we get to come and spend time with these students!
Pray that we would overflow in strength, knowledge, perseverance, kindness and love this week. That the students would notice something different in us, the way we treat each other and the way we treat them. That we would be God honoring stewards of what we have been given.
I am also still raising support for my time here. I have raised about half of what I need and I would ask that you please pray that the support would be provided and that God’s complete faithfulness would be seen. If you are able to support me financially, please do! I have a link on the right side of my blog that will take you directly to where you can support me. If you can, please do! Thank you so much for supporting me, in prayer and financially. I absolutely appreciate it and would not be here if not for your support. Please support me in prayer as we begin our first camp!!
Here we go!!!


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