The End of Phase One

This past week was the end of our preparation and our final city visit. Can you believe that we start camp in four days?? FOUR DAYS. Wow. The end of our time in Písek was bitter sweet. Leaving Písek was strange because as we were leaving we knew that a new season and new phase of the summer was beginning. Martina, a Josiah Venture staff member, whom we know and love, came to visit us and we were so blessed to have two nights of meals with her. Her joy and laughter was such a blessing as we were preparing to go to our final city visit in Kutná Hora.
The city visit came and went so fast! We were only there for two days, but the time there was so sweet. We were able to go to their baptisms and see some of the students. Such a time of celebration and joy! Talking with the Czech students and leaders was amazing. I love the city of Kutná Hora. It really is so beautiful. St. Barbara’s Church is in this city along with the “Bone Church“, which is totally a trip. We toured the city on Monday morning, in the rain, and I felt so blessed to be able to share these moments with my team. The Czech church in Kutná Hora is incredibly giving of their time and were more than willing to show us their city.
We arrived at the training facility in Brejlov yesterday and are enjoying being with the other intern teams. For our first camp we are working with another intern team, the Patty team. On that team is Tyler and Lara Patty, Jeremy, Ann, and Petra. I love all of these people so we are very excited to be working with them. The Czech church we are with is Nové Město pod Smrkem. We are very excited to be with them too.
Please pray for our teams as we become a single unit before camp starts. Pray for our health because many of the people on our teams are getting sick or are recovering from being sick. Pray for the other American teams as they are arriving to the training facility today and pray for safe travels to the hotels we will be doing camp in! Over the next week please pray for camp; for the interns, Czech church, and the students. That hearts would be impacted by the gospel and that lives would be changed!! Thank you so much for your support and prayers in this!
Love you all,


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