Between City Visits

Between our city visits we come back to our “home” in Pisek. Pisek is a beautiful city that is over 800 years old! This place is older than the United States of America. That just blows my mind. It’s amazing that this is where we are able to come back to between visiting churches and making connections. This is our home. Our place of rest. Given by God, that we gladly accept. As a team we are able to create our community here. Our team rests, prays, lives, and grows together in this place. We are preparing for camps, students, and churches in this city. It’s a really beautiful thing.
Ann(a girl from another intern team) and I explored the city a little bit yesterday. Walking, looking, sitting, talking, and sharing. Here are a couple shots from our day on the town.

Please keep my team in your prayers as we prepare to visit our next ciy, Kutna Hora! Pray that we would be unified as a team, find a place of rest, that we would learn and share openly with each other. Also, I am still behind in raising my funds for being here. If you could all pray for that-that God would provide the funds that I need and that people would be willing to support me financially! Keep my and my team in your prayers!

Thank you for your constant love, prayers, and support!
Isn’t this place beautiful!
Love, Melanie



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