We Visited Our Second City!

I can’t believe June is almost over and that we are over half way through our city visits with the end of our visit to Kyjov/Bohumilice! We spent four days with the churches in these two cities(villages?) with the opportunity to go to a total of four different schools to promote camp to students!
I can’t believe that the visit is over because it went by so fast! The youth group there is a ton of fun and were really open to us interns. My intern team did camp with them last year, so it was awesome to be able to reconnect with the students and leaders from this camp. I really look forward to doing camp with them in July because they are a really fun group who take such joy in pursuing believers and non-believers alike. Visiting the schools was such a cool experience because I saw some of the same students as last year. Great news, this camp is almost totally full! God is really making an impression in these students and leaders. Oh and the best fruit trees and bushes are in Bohumilice. I ate so many fresh strawberries and cherries! Cassie and I had so much fun at our homestay. I love the people here.
Now we are back in Pisek to rest for our next city visit this weekend! Pray for our time, that it would be used well to love and serve each other and prepare our hearts for what is to come!
Thank you for praying and supporting me this summer! Excited for what God is doing here. Love you all!


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