České Budějovice Girl Day

Yesterday the girls had a chance to have a needed “girls day”. Basically a day without boys where we could unwind, eat icecream, and laugh together. I love bonding moments like that. Such a beautiful gift from God.

We decided to go to České Budějovice where they have a great shopping center and go shopping! Four of us girls got matching pants (pictures will have to happen) and we got some cute clothes that will always make us think about our time in Czech. God definitely provided laughter and fun the entire day as we got some amazing ice cream and sat in the square as we ate it.

Here is a panorama of the city square! A street artist was there making a shark fin come out of the ground. It was truly amazing. Well, I am thankful that God provides fellowship and community wherever you go! Pray for my teammate Miriam, as she is taking tests today. Also, today is her birthday! Yay!
Tomorrow we are going to Bohumilice/Kyjov for our second city visit. Pray for our time there!


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