Nové Mesto pod Smrkem City Visit

After intern training finished last Wednesday, our team had a barbecue at Tyler Patty’s house. Our team is staying with the Patty’s team during the month of June and we are doing the Nové Mesto camp together first term. I really like all of the people on their team, so I’m really excited. We left for Nové Mesto on Thursday morning and traveled for eight and a half hours to do our city visit.

Upon arriving in Nové Mesto we were met by the church team that we will be working with. Fanny and David picked us up from the bus station and took us to the church. We met some of the students they work with in their community and the rest of the church team. Everyone in Nové Mesto is so funny and nice. Ann and I stayed with Kamča, a youth group leader, while other interns stayed with families.


School visits were so much fun! I loved the kids that we were able to meet and invite to camp. We went to three classrooms and every time I was in a group with three girls and Hanka, another youth group leader, as my translator. It was a really fun time for the girls to talk about the United States, my life there, and camp. I was asked a really interesting question about whether or not it was normal to be Christian in the States. Such an opportunity! I was able to tell her what it’s like to be a Christian and that wherever you go as a Christian you find a loving community. I was also able to tell her that you don’t have to be Christian to come to camp because we will love them either way. Such a nice opportunity to tell those girls that they will be loved whatever they believe.

The city of Nové Mesto is very unique. In the Czech Republic racism towards gypsies is very prevalent. They are seen as less than people or not worthy to care for or to see. In Nové Mesto this is not the case. We were very surprised and excited to hear that racism towards gypsies is almost nonexistent there. The church hangs out with the kids and they even hold a special service for the gypsy community. Being able to show love to them in a community that accepts them completely was such a sweet time.

I enjoyed my time with the Nové Mesto church and look forward to starting camp June 29th! Pray for the church and the students there. Also pray for the leaders, that God would provide strength and opportunity. God is so good. Praise him!

Also, the church was praying for 20 students and on our last day there we were told that 20 students were registered! God always provides. Love you all!!

The bridge in Písek where our two teams are staying!! So beautiful.



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