Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Hey guys!
So, something interesting about my internship this summer is that even though I am already here, I am still raising support to pay for this internship. So far I have raised around $2,300 of the $5,700 that I need to raise, which means that I still need $2,400 to pay Josiah Venture, the organization that I’m over here with. It’s amazing to me that even though I haven’t raised all of the money that I need to be here that I can still come over. God is providing for me in big ways with sending me out to intern for two and a half months without even having raised all that I need to raise. Please pray for me, that the money will come in and that my heart would be satisfied in trusting God’s provision.

Also, please pray for my team! We will be traveling by train for around 10 hours tomorrow so please pray that we will make it to our destination safely. We are traveling to our first city visit with Nove Mesto. We will be visiting the youth group and church there!! Pray for our time-that is would be used effectively and that the Holy Spirit would produce many fruit individually and collectively. I am so excited, the summer begins!

Thank you everyone for keeping me and my team in your prayers. I am thankful to be in the Czech Republic, I love it here. Praise God for bringing me here safely and for teaching the interns through the Holy Spirit and the leaders of Josiah Venture. Tomorrow begins our summer of spreading the gospel, building relationships with students and each other, and teaching English to students! Praise God!


Here is my whole team! From left to right-me, Miriam, Jeremy, Cassie, and Tim. Very thankful for these four people and the summer that God is providing for us.


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