We Made It!

The Amazing Race is over-thank God-but it was an amazing experience. You learn so much about people during that time, mostly because it is a high stress environment but also because you spend so much time with your team. On my team I have Jeremy, Cassie, Miriam, and Tim. Each of us has a completely different personality and perspective on life, but I am overwhelmingly excited about what God will teach us this summer and how he will grow us individually and as a team.
We all landed in Kyiv, Ukraine to start the race and spent the entire day running around Kyiv completing ridiculous challenges and overcoming exhaustion. Some amazing things happened that day and we were able to bless an orphan boy who led us to our final destination with dinner. God works in amazing ways and he not only provides for us through other people, but he provides for other people through us-even if we don’t speak the same language AT ALL. My team was blessed by that boy and I hope that he was blessed by us. That night we ended at the train station to take an overnight train to L’Viv, Ukraine to continue the race the next morning in a new city. The people of Ukraine are incredibly helpful-if you can find someone who speak English-and they would help us get from one place to the other. The second day of the race was way more tiring than the first, as we were all sore, tired, and hungry. Running around L’Viv was slightly frustrating, but it was nice because we spent a lot of time with the team and were able to get to know each other. That night we slept in a hostel in L’Viv to wake up the next morning ready to travel to Poland! We didn’t spend much time in Poland but it was really nice to see Krakow again-the amazing race was there last year!!-and my team got 12th place out of the 17 teams!!! Not bad!

We got to Malenovice last night and got some amazing sleep. Malenovice is the hotel we are staying at for a week of training before we go to our first city visit in Nove Mesto. Please pray for the training-that it would be affective and we would be teachable. Pray for my team as we begin to learn more about each other, our strengths and weakness, and as we learn more about what the camps are for and what God is doing in this country.

I am overjoyed to be back in the Czech Republic! Praise God, he is such a provider.


This is the view from the hotel. This entire week will be very rainy and cold, which makes me so happy. I feel comforted to be here in Czech and so blessed by the country and the people. All glory to God.


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