Returning Home

Classes started for me yesterday, and I was so not ready for that. I returned to the U.S. last Friday and still feel like this is all a dream. I can’t be back, moved into a new apartment, and starting school and work already. That just CAN’T be real. I’m not ready for all of this, at least I don’t think I am. 

Life is so fast but incredibly slow at the same time. Not having Melissa here to tell me what I need to do and figuring out a schedule for myself-that’s not written down in English and Czech-is so strange. Everyone speaks English and I always know what they’re saying. Life here is almost the same as it was when I left. The only thing that is different is me. 

Returning to a place that is the same when I am different is incredibly hard. Trying not to revert back to the life I had before is weird. It is strange to return to a place that’s the same and not live the same life you had. Even though everything seems the same, it is all different because I am different. I see things differently and value them differently. Certain things don’t matter anymore while other things are more important. 

Going from The Czech Republic back to Arizona is good and bad. It’s frustrating because I wish I was still back in Czech, but it is also relieving because I get to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. So many happy welcomes- I feel so blessed by it all. 

God has been blessing me over and over upon my return to this country! With finances, people, and so many happy moments. I am thankful for this summer and a happy return home. 


One thought on “Returning Home

  1. Melanie, I totally know what you mean about being a different person in a place that is all the same. It’s like AZ never changed while we were off traveling, and being back has been hard to adjust. Ah, it’s crazy how much I relate to all that you wrote in this post! I wish you the best in your semester and I hope to see you sometime soon!

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