The joys of camp are endless. I love sitting in my room reading and all of a sudden I hear

someone singing the song for the camp dance. It’s not just someone though. It is definitely one of the boys here. It brings me joy to know that they enjoy the camp dance, or that it gets stuck in your head so easily. Camp has been really great so far and I can already see some change in our campers and in myself. Today we went hiking to the top of a mountain! The clouds looked so close to us and they were moving so fast. The view at the top was amazing and it was wonderful to be able to talk and build relationships going up and coming down. Hike day is one of my favorite things about camp because it allows us to be physically worn out while resting our minds. We have three more days of camp before we head to follow up in Kutna Hora! It’s going to go by so fast, but there is so much to do before we travel the long distance from camp. Thank you for your prayers!


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