Check us out! This is me and my team on hike day, we look so good! Right? Well this camp was super awesome and God did some HUGE things in my heart and the hearts of the students here!

Being able to hang out with kids that want to learn a language you are fluent in is so funny because you can connect with them in so many ways. Trying to learn their language and being laughed at, doing their tongue twisters that I can’t understand how they can make those sounds, and teaching them to say “bomb-diggity” because it’s culturally relevant slang they NEED to know. When a student comes up to you and says “what up dawg” and start calling you an old maid, you feel a sense of accomplishment. One awesome thing I love about camps is that you can hear the difference in their English speaking from the beginning to the end of the week. They become quicker to answer and can express themselves more clearly.

I had so many awesome people in my class this last camp!! Just look at them


They were such an amazing class and I miss them already!! From left to right and top to bottom we have Libor, Marek, Milan, Jenda, me, Iva, Ester, Ester, Hope, Melissa, and Bronka!! They are so funny and deep in their thinking. I had such an intelligent and different class. Ester likes classical music while Milan likes metal and Marek likes cats while Hope absolutely hates them! Ha. Very diverse.

God did some work on the entire camp this past week. Not every student dedicated their lives to Christ, but a lot of them are thinking about the change making decisions for themselves. I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of the girls from this week about their lives and the hardships they go through. Battles in their hearts about themselves and even battles with parents about their lives. A lot of the girls decided to learn more about God and His plan for them in their lives and God is abounding in grance and love!! I am thankful for this past week of camp!

Please continue to pray for the Czech churches here in Bohumilice and Kyjov as the students are turning to them for answers. Pray for the students and that God would continue to encounter them through the churches and His people here!! Thank you for your prayers!


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