Camp 1 Update

Camp one ended Saturday, and let me tell you, it was so AWESOME. Lives were changed, dedicated, and introduced to the heart of Christ. Meeting and connecting with the students was an honor and I am so blessed by them and their great personalities. Some of these kids are so sassy and some of them are so shy, but all of them are different.

At camp we start our day with English classes where I was able to teach one of them. My class had, in my opinion, the best students. I had 12 kids all excited and ready to speak English with me and tell me their favorite things and what they want to do with their lives. After English class we have lunch and free time and then evening program where Jerry gave a message on the parable of the Prodigal Son. The discussion groups follow the nightly talk.

At the beginning of the week the kids were very shy and slow to answer the questions. I told them that I enjoyed the sound of their voices and after that every night was a great discussion. We became deeper and deeper as the students started feeling more comfortable with each other and with me. It was very apparent that God was working and moving through my students and through me. Some of the discussions were the best and deepest discussions of the entire camp-the students would tell me how they loved hearing about my life and how they could relate to some things that have happened or that I have done. I love seeing God use me and my story for His absolute Glory!

On Thursday we have “Gospel Night” where we introduce our students to the Gospel and send them through the “Labyrinth”-which is a step by step process of realization that Christ wants to remove your sins and at the end they all write a love letter to God. After the Labyrinth I was able to talk to a student about how God has been tugging on her heart and before she came to camp she was making the decision to believe or to not believe. She told me how God was telling her that He has BIG plans for her and how she was scared she wouldn’t be good enough for His plans. I am so thankful that God placed me there because I struggle with this too and could easily relate with her heart. I asked her if she wanted to accept and believe in God and she said YES. So I led her in her first prayer EVER, the prayer to accept Christ. I felt so honored and humbled. We sat there rejoicing in her decision as she told me how different her heart felt and how excited she was. It was so amazing!!! I can’t wait to see what God does in her life. She is the first person that I have prayed this intimate prayer with and I will always remember her.

Through the sickness, the injuries, and the heat/rain God worked and moved in incredibly powerful ways. I have changed so much in this first camp and can’t wait for the two camps to come. Please keep praying for my team, the Czech teams, our American team, and the students for our next camp in Bohumilice/Kijov! Thank you so much 🙂 God is so AWESOME.


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