Cherry Picking and Ticks

As an intern team we spent our past weekend around a city called Valmez. We got to hang out with the youth group (who are SUPER AWESOME), go mushrooming, pick a thousand cherries, and go to an amazing church service.
First off, this was my first time ever mushrooming because we don’t really get a lot of mushrooms in the phoenix area, and it was really fun. I found a couple mushrooms and was told that now I am a mushrooming expert! The next day we picked so many cherries. Around 5 hours were spend harnessed to a tree 40 feet up in the air grabbing at cherries and throwing them into a bucket. It was really awesome and you could see so much from that high up. We did this as our service project so that the couple living on the farm didn’t have to strap themselves in at 40 feet off the ground. Save them a little trouble maybe.

I can say that I did not know there could be so much fruit on a single tree! We almost cleaned off two trees and had around 30+ gallons of cherries! Totally nuts. Bees, bugs, and cherry juice all day! It was the real Czech experience, for real!

We almost filled up that entire green bucket with beautiful cherries!! How cool!

On Sunday we went to such an amazing service where the entire church prayed for us and our camps. That afternoon was spent traveling in sweaty style back to our home in Trebič where we were welcome by an amazing thunder storm! Praise God, because the day had been so incredibly HOT. God definitely provides the rain when you need it!!

When I woke up this morning back in Trebič, I found a tick in…….my belly button. Thing is that I’ve never had a tick before so this was completely new and I almost had a heart attack. Thankfully I had WebMD to tell me not to panic and to grab some tweezers and gently yank that sucker off. I mean, who finds a tick, in their belly button? Apparently it’s all the rage here in Czech because I was just informed by my Czech friend that this has happened to her before too. WHAT. I am seriously loving the Czech experience, even finding a tick in my belly button means connecting to a culture. It’s so great and nasty at the same time. She also told me that ticks carry a disease that makes you paralysed, so let’s be praying against that!

Term one starts in TWO DAYS. Please please be praying for the camps here, the intern teams, and the American teams as they make their way over here. Love ya’ll! Check for ticks daily because you never know! 😉


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