Today is a work day. This means that we are writing our english lessons and trying to perfect them for camps to start next week. Something that I know I struggle with a little bit is pride and admitting that I am wrong, so writing these lessons and putting them up for criticism is hard but necessary for us to have great lessons.
Listening and singing music clears our minds and fills it with something else. I choose this song to represent my day because I want my mind to be full of cheer and love for God and his daily promises. God is truly meeting me here and I choose to live in that and ask to be met in a strong way daily.
Please be praying for my team as we write our lessons and that they would be written and used to bring God glory. I am excited and look forward to them being used to build relationship with the students that will leak to the evening discussions about the sermon that night. Please keep the students in your prayers and the American team as they are preparing to come here next week. Thank you so much! God bless πŸ™‚


Song of the day

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