Unesco World Heritage

Being in Czech has opened up a great amount of opportunity to visit Unesco World Heritage sites! This last semester at ASU I took a class on world heritage and universal value. The concept of universal value was one that I had no idea or comprehension of what it was. I argued against universal value and world heritage saying that it did not exist and that nothing in this world is valuable to every person and that the only thing that that is, or person I guess, is Jesus. I still hold on to this because if it were not for Jesus, I don’t know if I would value any of the places or things so highly that I do.

This is the list of World Heritage sites in Czech. I have already visited three of these sites and will visit at least two more by the end of my summer. I went to the Historic Centre of Prague, the Jewish Quarter and the Basilica in Třebič, and St. Barbara’s Cathedral in Kutna Hora. When I was in Poland I was also able to visit Krakow’s historic city center! I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to visit and see so many new, but super old, places!

These sites are so amazing to see and to be honest, there is some “cool factor” to saying that you’ve been to a couple UNESCO sites when you were in Europe. Now that I have been to these places and walked around to take in the beauty and awe of these sites, I can say that they have value to me. I will always remember the time I saw them, who I was with, and what it felt like to be there.

Go and explore the entire UNESCO page! See how many places you have visited, or how many that you plan to see. Do you think these places hold value in your life? Let me know!


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