Kutna Hora

This past weekend we had the opportunity to do a city visit with Kutna Hora, the last camp we will be doing this summer. The church in Kutna Hora is the equivalent to our Assemblies of God churches in the states. When we got to the city we went straight to their youth group club and played games, worshiped, and listened to a message given by one of the leaders there. It was so amazing! The entire service was in Czech, including most of the worship, but it was amazing to see how God truly loved this group.
For worship there was an out of tune guitar missing a string and a single drum. To be honest, that was probably some of the most powerful worship that I am honored to have been a part of! God moved and worked with me not understanding the words and missing a string on an out of tune guitar! The rest of the night our translator told us what everyone was saying, and listening to the speaker say his message and then listening to her translate it was something new that I had never experienced before coming here. I’m sure that there might have been some things lost in translation, but that’s kinda how it is with God at times too. We don’t understand because of our condition, not speaking his language-how crazy!

Baptism Party!! —>
That night we stayed with the pastor and his family and then went to church with them the next day. After church we went to their baptism party! It was so awesome to see how they literally celebrate baptisms with a party that the church is invited to! I am so thankful to have made those relationships and to have the opportunity to see such an amazing city.

We toured around a couple different churches there, including a bone church and one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe, St. Barbaras Cathedral!

Please keep my team in your prayers! We are writing our english lessons for the english classes at camp right now and we would be so thankful for your prayers!


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