What’s Happening in Czech

Wow this country is incredible! God is working in mighty ways here and I am so humbled that I am invited in to work and help. Starting in July we will be holding the summer camps, but until then we are visiting schools and telling students all about it. When we visit schools we are going into the english classes and inviting them while playing games and telling them about ourselves. It’s awesome how God works with the language barrier and uses it to His advantage. It is absolutely amazing.
We went to one class to invite the students to an after school hang out with the youth group of the local church, and when we went to the club there were 4-5 students from the school! Two of the girls, Radka and Katka were very enthusiastic about coming to camp and we were able to sit and talk for hours about life and everything. The next day I learned that the two girls registered to come to camp!! These two girls hold such a special place in my heart and I hope God rocks them at camp!
Please keep the students, my team, and the camps in your prayers as God is working and moving this summer! Thank you all so much, I am truly blessed!!


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